Food and drink

On Montesoffio good food, wines and nice meals are very important to us. In our 'shop' you can buy our home made organic jams, olive oil and wine (Morfeo). We daily bake our own wholemeal bread, cook regularly for our guests and always have a full self-service bar with tasty local wines at very low prices.

Eating together

Join us on the terrace or in the dining hall with the other guests to enjoy our home cooked Italian meals and dinners. Three times a week we set a long table in the open air for a real Italian meal under a starlit sky.

To begin with: a welcome diner on Saturday for newly arrived guests and those staying. Who wants to join us and for the children we set a separate table, where they can meet the other kids and go their own way.
During the week, the day starts with our homemade brown bread, which eagerly finds its way to our guests. Around eleven guests trickle into the Salone for an espresso, to download e-mails or to read the e-news(paper). In the afternoon guests come to our kitchen for a chat, or to get a bottle of cold Verdicchio, a beer or a red Montepulciano from the self-service bar, to enjoy outside in the garden in the afternoon sun. The evenings we cook (dinner, pizza or BBQ), everyone can join us, sit down and relax at the long table in the garden...

Whenever possible, we use our homegrown vegetables, olive oil and herbs. The wine we serve has its origins in our own or other local vineyards. On Montesoffio you can enjoy nice and good Italian meals with local products and of course we like you to taste our own wine and olive oil. Or how about a wine tasting with a few local wines accompanied by tantalizing appetizers? We would very much like you to experience this.

Our own produce

What a luxury, your own organic wine, olive oil and fruit!

From the moment we definitely migrated in 2008, we maintain the 6.5 ha of farmland around our house ourselves. We have a vineyard, which we take care of until the harvest in September. A nearby winery ('cantina') then comes to pick the grapes, after which they directly go to the cantina, where we can see them being pressed. The grape juice directly goes into the barrel to ferment into wine. In November already, our wine, a slightly sweet sparkling white Moscato is ready to be drunk. Our Morfeo is super nice and has a floral fragrance.

In late October, early November we harvest the olives. As soon as possible after harvesting, each time we have a few hunderd kilos, we bring them to the press ('frantoio'). Traditionally, they are pressed with millstones, nowadays in a completely closed system, which is purer and more hygienic. So we are assured of the best quality and purity. After about 1 hour the first drops of oil run from the press in our barrels.

Our fruit (plums, apricots, figs, apples, pears, cherries, etc.), we pick from mid-June to late October and we process it into delicious jams and dishes and digestives, which we serve after a good diner.